So, you are interested, now you want to know what it costs…

We are still working on our packages, but contact us if you want to create a custom package. Generally our hourly rates are $75 to $100 an hour. Contact us to get a detailed quote on your specific project. Our customers find that we are very fair and efficient with our time.

Online Evaluation Package - $300

We will go through your online presence - from your website usability down to your traffic sources - and give you a presentation with a list of recommendations to help you with your business. We will evaluate:

  • Your organic search rankings (SEO)
  • Your social networking activity (blog, facebook, twitter)
  • Your website usability and structure
  • Your email campaigns and activity (if any)
  • Your paid search set up and results (if any)
  • Give you hints and tips so you can grow your business

This session will include an one to two hour meeting to go over the results of the evaluation. If you wanted to hire us to do the work for you, we will use $100 of this fee towards the new project. This session will give you ideas on how you can do this yourself and will not be a pitch to use us.

Note: To do this evaluation, we are going to need a bit of your time to understand your business, what you are doing now, where you are headed and where you want to be. We will also ask you about competitors. All of this can be done over the phone, in person or via email. We will also need access to your website analytics tools (if any).