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Selling Services as a Product

We have been working with a few service-based companies and we keep having the same issue come up: they find it challenging to define their “types” of services to their audience.  Meaning, what makes their service different from others doing something similar to them.  What I always tell people is, define your products.  What is…

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Fresh Eyes On Your Business

 Recently I met with a new client to discuss their marketing efforts and how they can launch/grow their business.  They use to do workshops, on select weekends, for free and they had a huge interest (and a waiting list).  People would tell them they would gladly pay for this workshop… so they started charging. They…

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Simple Improvements to Paid Search

Recently I worked with a client who had a paid search campaign running but it wasn’t performing.  He was ready to turn it off and walk away.  “Paid search does not work for our business.”  I was shocked but also curious – why?  I went into their paid search campaign and knew instantly I could…

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Magic Marketing

Over the years I have worked with a few clients who have hired marketing  specialists (many SEO folks are especially prone to this)  that help them market their business.  They spend hundreds, if not (tens of) thousands of dollars on this person who a) doesn’t provide (or even track) results b) promises the world or…

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As many people know, a few years ago I had a full hip replacement.  This was to correct a childhood issue (basically I knew it was coming – and blew the doctors estimates away.  Yes, I am an overachiever…).  Over the years, I have been playing with my balance.  For years I could not put…

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