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Selling Services as a Product

We have been working with a few service-based companies and we keep having the same issue come up: they find it challenging to define their “types” of services to their audience.  Meaning, what makes their service different from others doing something similar to them.  What I always tell people is, define your products.  What is it you are selling and why does someone want to come to you?

Anything, from home organization, photography, massage, tourism, consulting… can be defined to a “product” level to help people understand what you do.

Simply think about it from your customer’s perspective (or simply ask current or perspective customers).  If you come to me with language I don’t understand, I get confused and move on.  I don’t have your knowledge; I need your help in understanding it and making it simple for me.  What is it that you do that is different from others and why is it valuable to me?  (enough to pay you for your time)

If you want to get information from your customers, or try to gain customers, keep in mind context. If you are at the grocery store trying to sell me your services, I am tuning out.  They must be receptive to the knowledge.  Networking events often times feel “sales-ey” and can be another poor time to get understanding and knowledge from folks.  Do it one on one or when they are more receptive to information.

Don’t think you have a competitive edge?  Often I have found those folks just need help defining their “product” and their competitive edge will become clear.  Not only for the customer, but for the business owner.

If you are a service based business, start brainstorming and thinking, what are your products?  What makes you different?  How can you communicate them simply to your customer?  Then, do something about it and communicate (or market) it out.  You will find things a little clearer all the way around.

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